Thursday, October 15, 2009

How Serious Are You?

Let me guess, you're in the gym almost every day of the week. You drag yourself out of bed or force yourself to go after work. You get in there and you're all business. You work twice as hard in the gym as you do on your TPS reports, which all have cover sheets now. You sweat, you bleed, you nearly puke almost every time you grab the pull-up bar, sprint down the street, or pick up that barbell. Everyday you push harder and strive to put in the best performance you can. You push yourself to the brink, chasing after that far-off horizon of elite performance you crave so desperately. And after your dilated pupils finally return to normal size, the blood drains from your lungs, and the battery acid seeps from your legs, what do you do? You waste it. You waste a perfect opportunity to really get the most out of your workout and improve your recovery. The better you recover, the better you'll do tomorrow.

Here's what I ate after my Wednesday morning session...

-flank steak
-two scoops of whey
-about a cup of whole milk
-some cheese

-half a sweet potatoe

-half can of coconut milk
-olive oil

-six capsules of fish oil
-10,000 IU of Vitamin D
-one scoop of iso-leucine powder
-one scoop of Perfect Food's Super Green Formula
-three branch chain amino acid pills

We all pretty much want the same thing: a faster Fran, a heavier deadlift, more pull-ups, and so on. We want these things for various reasons: to get in great shape, to look better for beach season, to prep for ski season, or maybe to compete in something. But really, how serious are you? Until you start taking your diet and recovery seriously, your goals will always be that far away, sitting on that unreachable horizon.

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Drew said...

Quint gets pissed that no one comments on this blog, so I'll do my part...

while my overall diet has gotten extremely better, my post workout recovery is basically non-existent.

the only thing I can say is that it takes some serious preperation, since I'm working out in the morning and going straight to "work". I can't tell you the last time I had more than a coffee and an apple for breakfast.

so prepare what you're going to eat after your workout--or at least think about where you can get something good--whether it's as elaborate as what Quint makes for himself or if it's a protein shake and some fruit--eat something healthy!