Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meals For Work

As some of you know, I work the night shift for some lame government agency. The only available option for purchasing food is a 24-hour McDonald's across the street. I refuse to do that to myself. So I usually need to prepare food beforehand so I can continue fueling through the misery of my job. Typically, I just cook some chicken breasts, bring in some fruit, and pack some almonds and cashews. Today, however, I had more time and put together a couple salads...

Since my roommates and I don't own a decent set of tupperware, I had to use two for all the food I prepped. In each salad, you'll find: baby spinach leaves, half an orangic orange pepper, half an organic avocado, a chicken breast, crushed bacon, and olive oil for dressing. I also packed some dried fruit, some berries and grapes, some organic apple slices, a cup of yogurt, some granola, and of course, almonds and cashews.


-dried mango & berries
-organic apple slices

-olive oil
-crunchy peanut butter

-I forgot to bring my fish oil

As you can see, there is a ton of carbs up there. Please bear in mind, I definitely won't eat all of what's posted. I just bring a lot of food into work to ensure I don't go hungry. My shift is ten hours long after all. Altogether, it took about 40 minutes or so to prepare all of this. And it's worth it if it keeps me from eating something off the wretched Dollar Menu. It's important that we eat well throughout the day, not just before and after workouts. Maintaining a good diet throughout the day not only leads to increased work capacity, but better overall long-term health.